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Have you met BOB yet?

BOB is the 2016 NLC mascot, his name stands for “Best of Boston.” BOB is beginning his trip around the Region 17 Presidentstate of Ohio. Look for him at a meeting or school near you and be sure to share your pictures with Ms. Burris at or follow BOB at @BPABOB or #BPABOB.

Here is BOB with the Region 17 officer team:
President – Aston Gerber – D. Russel Lee – Tom Newman
Vice-President – Braden Pruski – D. Russel Lee – Tom Newman
Secretary – Phillip Gandy – Fairfield High School – Steve Chambers
Treasurer – Mario Gonzalez – D. Russel Lee – Tom Newman
Parliamentarian – Joseph Kennedy – D. Russel Lee – Tom Newman
Historian – Bradley Cunningham – Springboro High School – Justin Deeter

Region 17 Officer Team with Bob