2016-17 State Officer Candidates

Jillian Sacha
Jillian Sacha – There are many reasons I am a great candidate for the State Officer team. It is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate my strong leadership qualities. I am very self-motivated and proactive. I commit to always putting forth my best effort. My ability to quickly adapt allows me to work really well with others and efficiently get things done in any condition. I try to portray a professional image and be a role model. I have a lot of respect for this program and it is a great way to be more involved. If selected, I would take my role very
Carlos Boyd
Carlos Boyd – My goal is to give back to Business Professionals of America as much as they have given to me. I decided the best way to do so is running for state officer. I have confidence in my ability as a leader, which I have demonstrated as president of my chapter, manager of my school’s credit union, and as an intern at the state and national levels. I plan on helping our organization reach new heights and exceed the expectations that have been set for us in the past. This is the year BPA spreads their wings and rises above!
Aston Gerber
Aston Gerber – Over the past two years, I’ve had the honor and the privilege to serve my peers and a Local, Chapter, and Region 17 President. I have a mission to serve the members of BPA, to meet their needs and work with my associates to ensure that everything is running efficiently. I am running for state office to bring my mission to the state level. If elected, I will work closely with my associates and reach out to all the regions in Ohio, to ensure everyone’s BPA experience is a great one.
Rachel Walters
Rachel Walters – I would like to be a Business Professionals of America state officer because I want to volunteer my skills to the officer team to make it efficient and productive. I would also like to participate more in BPA, as well as learning more skills that I can use in my future career. Becoming a state officer would be important to me as well, because I would like for the regional and local chapters across the state to have their voices heard, and I feel that with my communication skills I can help our state become connected even more.
Bryce Fryman
Bryce Fryman – The reason I am running for a state officer position is the amount of skills I will learn through this opportunity. The most valuable skill that Business Professionals of America has already taught me is leadership. Leadership is not just to motivate individuals to accomplish their goals, it is to think strategically, be inspiring, have integrity, and endurance when something may go wrong. If elected as a Business Professionals of America State Officer, it will build my mindset to become a business professional.
Andrew Racine
Andrew Racine – I want to be a state officer because I want to assume the leadership responsibilities that are required of an officer. I want to be a leader in all the activities I am involved in so other individuals can count on me.
Miriam Velazquez
Miriam Velazquez – Although I am chasing a position for own ambition to be the best version I can be ,I am also doing it for the people I can impact. Being a BPA officer will allow me to present change and inspire people . I want to unite BPA members to strive for new heights and stand united as one. I want for others in Ohio to gain independence from their fears and to dream. I know how easy it is to give up, so my goal is for others to look at me and keep going on no matter the obstacles
Zachary Rush
Zachary Rush – To me, being a state officer means much more than just attending a few meetings and holding conferences. Being a state officer means that you are willing to test your level of responsibility and leadership skills by helping every BPA individual in an entire state. I want to be a BPA state officer to better myself as a person. Every morning, I look in the mirror and tell myself to be a better man than who I was yesterday. Being a BPA state officer won’t be easy, but I will fight to help all I can no matter what.
Jason Hentz
Jason Hentz – I aspire to become a Business Professionals of America, Ohio Association, state officer to help every member chase their dreams and make them become a reality. This organization has provided me with some of the greatest experiences so far in my life and I want to make sure that BPA does the same for each of you! My leadership experience includes being treasurer of our local chapter, a freshman mentor, a teller at our school’s credit union, and a member of the superintendent’s student advisory team. Together, let’s SPREAD OUR WINGS and achieve everything we could possibly dream of!
Lauren Alverado
Lauren Alvarado – Being in Business Professionals of America opens new doors to our states young generations. While being in the program, I would like our young generations to explore the business world as much as possible. I want to be a state officer because I want to make a difference in Business Professionals of America’s future. I possess qualities such as dependability, leadership, and creativeness that can help our organization thrive. Whether it be competitions, community service, or any other task BPA proposes, I would love to take on the task and grow our BPA community by being in the state office.
Dylan Guth
Dylan Guth – Through Business Professionals of America and my business program, I have strengthened my leadership skills by participating in activities at all levels of the organization. This has inspired me to want to help others across the state understand the mission of our organization. I now want to take the next step, and guide the state’s membership to increase their participation in activities within the organization. This will spark the interest of members to engage in community service projects, attend conferences, and compete at all levels. With this commitment, our organization will continue to enhance the potential of all members.
Lucy Wesley
Lucy Wesley – Becoming a state officer for Business Professionals of America would be a challenge, privilege, and an opportunity to connect with all Ohio members. I believe acquiring this position would further enhance my skills in leadership, responsibility, and teamwork, which will guide me to excel in my future. Through encouragement, I hope to motivate members to participate in all aspects of BPA including competitions, Torch Awards, and the BPA Cares Program. Inspiring members to excel in their future goals is something I wish to achieve. With proper effectiveness in this position, I hope to set an example for future members.