Becoming a Quality Chapter

Everyone wants the title “Quality” related to their Chapter. This powerpoint deck walks you through the various steps that you need to follow to earn that qualification.

The biggest portion of the quality chapter is having local officers, having them lead your chapter and having a training  program. That training program can be a team-building activity that you have been doing for years, it can be a combination of activities that you select and integrate this year. ALSO, additional leadership training can be conducted by your officers which allows them to take on true leadership roles and transfer responsibility to the students instead of you as the advisor.

Huge suggestions for you and your students for this year is to complete the Local Advisor certification series and the Student certification series. Many Ohio advisors and students have completed this training and find it worthwhile. Here is the link for those programs: http://www.bpa.org/membership/Certifications 

For assistance with understanding the steps to becoming a Quality Chapter and/or how to empower your student officers to take over responsibilities in the classroom contact the State Advisor, Amy Burris, at amy.burris@education.ohio.gov for a personal classroom visit.

Becoming a Quality Chapter