Torch Awards and BPA Cares

What are torch awards? Did you receive emails last year from the State Advisor encouraging your chapter to participate in Torch Awards or even BPA Cares and had no idea what she was talking about? This powerpoint talks about what Torch Awards are, how to get into the system and how to integrate: CTE competencies (standards) & Torch points & Motivation (BONUS webxam content) in one project. I call these the triple threats!

If you want additional help with Torch Awards or BPA Cares, please reach out to your State Advisor, Amy Burris, at amy.burris@education.ohio.gov for a personal visit to your classroom to have her meet with you, walk your students through the online Torch system and online submission systems for BPA Cares. Make this the year that you integrate this powerful tool in your classroom!

Torch Awards BPA Cares