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Local and Regional Torch Award Approval Process

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The instructions for approving Torch Awards at the Local and Regional level are attached here.

It is extremely important that chapter and regional reviewers understand this procedure. The Torch Award systems is progressive meaning each level builds on the next. In order for the State Vice President to approve members for the statesman award, local and regional awards need to already have been approved.

What is being looked at? Reviewers need to check for:

  • Spelling/Grammar issues
  • Complete Sentences (including a capital to start the sentence and period to end it).
  • The activity is completely described and all details are provided that the torch activity description requires.

What if there are errors in an activity?

  • Mention the error(s) in the Advisor/State’s comment box.
  • Do NOT approve the award until the errors are corrected.
  • Encourage your members to make the corrections and resubmit quickly.
  • Once errors are corrected, approve the resume.

I don’t want to “Reject” anyone 😦

  • The word “reject” is harsh at the diplomat level – remind the members of their great accomplishments and that by correcting the errors their resume will be approved.
  • Need to be sure that we are holding our state to a high standard of quality torch award points.
  • If you don’t reject them, they will be at the Statesman level – better to fix the errors now.