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Open Events at SLC

Open events at the State Leadership Conference (SLC) will be different this year. Here is a quick FAQ to help answer your questions about State Level open events.


Do students qualify to move on to SLC in regional open events?

No. This year regional open events do NOT qualify students to move on to compete at SLC.

Who qualifies to register for Open Events at SLC?

Students that compete regionally and qualify to move onto SLC in all BPA events (EXCEPT open events) are eligible to register for State Open Events.

What if I just want to register a student for Open Events?

This practice is discouraged. There is limited space at the hotel and needs to be reserved for students competing at SLC.

Is there a need for students to take Open Events at the Regional Level?

It is up to the region’s discretion whether or not to offer Open Events.

Are Open Events given at State this year?

No. Open events will be offered online through the AnswerWrite system.

What about Parliamentary Procedure Team?

Advisors need to register their team members to take 592 Parliamentary Procedure Concepts. All members must complete the open event during the testing window. The team scores will be provided to the Parli judges to complete grading.

When is the State Open Event testing window?

The testing window will be from February 26 – March 2, 2018.

When will I receive instructions about administering Open Events for my students?

The testing information, including web address, usernames and passwords will be emailed to advisors prior to February 26, 2018.

What are the testing conditions that I am to provide for my students?

No equipment, supplies, or materials other than those specified for an event will be allowed in the testing area. No previous Business Professionals of America tests and/or sample tests or facsimiles thereof (handwritten, photocopied or keyed) may be taken into the testing area. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.

Will Open Events be recognized during the Grand Awards ceremony this year?

For each open event, the top 10 that score 50% or better will be recognized on stage with a certificate of achievement.

Does placing in the top 10 earn my student a spot to compete at the  National Leadership Conference (NLC)?

No. Open events have never qualified students to compete at NLC.