Summer Is A Great Time For Students To Build A Torch Award Resume

Beach DogIt is summer!  Many of the Ohio Association members are enjoying time with friends and family, traveling, and exploring new places.  Summer also provides a great opportunity to perform activities that promote personal and professional development, without the added pressures of school work and extra curricular activities.

The Torch Awards Program is open to all BPA members in the Middle Level, Secondary/Associate, and Post-Secondary Divisions. Students complete activities in the seven Torch categories–Leadership; Service; Cooperation; Knowledge; Friendship; Love, Hope, Faith; and Patriotism–then log the activities in an online Torch Résumé (

There are several easy ways to incorporate Torch Award activities into summer fun.  For example, while exploring a new city, tour a historical building (10 points), visit an art museum (5 points), tour of a business (5 points), or attend a community patriotic event (5 points).  Members can consider taking time to volunteer (10 points), write an article promoting a service learning activity for publication (10 points), or serve as a coach for Special Olympics (15 points).

This summer, be intentional with your time and invest it wisely.  Take a moment to review the list of Torch Award Activities, invite friends on an adventure, share your experiences with the State Advisor, log the activities in the online Torch Resume, and most importantly have fun!