State Officer Screening

Spring State Officer Screening | Friday, February 7, 2020
Deadline to Apply: January 24, 2020 at 5:00pm

The six-member state officer team is an essential part of the Ohio Association. The officer screening process allows for twelve of the best suited candidates to run for state officer positions.

Key things to note about this year’s elections:

  1. Students elected in the spring will serve from March 13, 2020 until the next officer team is installed at the Ohio Association State Leadership Conference in 2021.
  2. Students graduating in the spring of 2020 are not eligible to run for the 2020-2021 State Officer Team.  Instead, graduating seniors are encouraged to participate in the post-secondary and virtual levels.

Required Documents
Please read the Officer Handbook in its entirety. The necessary officer screening forms are part of that document.  In order to be be eligible for screening candidates must submit screening documents and the candidate application by the stated deadlines.

Candidate Application

Code of Conduct and Commitment Form


Photo Release Form

Fact Sheet

State Officer Calendar

Screening Process | The process has been updated.  Please review it carefully.

Students will be assigned and scheduled in groups of six.  It is important to remain with the group, and arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the assigned appointment time.

  1. Students will arrive, check-in, have individual pictures taken.
  2. Students will make their way to the Group Holding Area and await instruction.
  3. All Groups will hear the presentation by the Leadership Development Coordinator (15 minutes)
    • Group A will be moved to the interview rooms for interview and speech (15 minutes)
    • Group B will remain.
    • Group A will be moved to the testing room and Group B will be escorted to the interview rooms.
    • After Group B finishes their interviews, they will be escorted to the testing room.
  4. Written Test and Essay (1 hr time limit)
    • Groups A & B will be taken to the test room at the same time
    • Groups C & D will be taken to the test room at the same time
  5. Once testing is complete, students have completed the screening process and can be dismissed.

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