Workplace Skills Assessment Program

The Workplace Skills Assessment Program will become available on September 1, 2015. Check IMG_9946out on that date for the new guidelines.

New Pilot Event for 2015-16
Digital Photography – Virtual Event
Page 63 of WSAP Guide

Finance Changes for 2015-16
Personal Financial Management now a regular event NOT an open event
Economic Research Individual and Team Events
Can use charts and graphs; Presentation Time extended to 7 minutes

Business Administration Changes for 2015-16
Administrative Support Research Individual has been RENAMED Administrative Support Research Project. Now allowed to use charts and graphs in research papers; Presentation Time extended to 7 minutes
Keyboarding is now ELIMINATED
Secondary and PS Levels now have: Fundamental WP, Intermediate WP, Advanced WP

Management Information Systems Changes for 2015-16
SQL Database Fundamentals is now a regular event.

Digital Communication & Design Changes for 2015-16
Digital Publishing is now a regular event.
Computer Modeling PS and Computer Animation Team PS are now ELIMINATED.
Graphic Design Promotion now allows students to present projects electronically AND added an additional print size of 2×2 for a pin size.
Broadcast New Production Team sound bite requirement has been REMOVED.
Web Site Design Team requirement to PRINT the website has been REMOVED.
Digital Media Production set-up/wrap-up times have been changed to FIVE minutes.

Management, Marketing & Communication Changes for 2015-16
Global Marketing Team and Entrepreneurship there will be NO time warning cards.
HR Management and Ethics & Professionalism (PS) prep time is reduced down to 20 minutes

Events and Awards
Torch Awards
Ohio NLC Trading Pin
BPA Scholarships
BPA Lifetime Honorary Member
BPA Cares

Torch Awards
Ohio NLC Trading Pin Competition
2017 Tshirt Competition
BPA Scholarships
BPA Lifetime Honorary Member
BPA Cares