Kevin Williams Assistant Director and State Advisor (614) 644-5927
Crystal Dortch State Advisor (614) 466-3077
Roger Fulk Post-Secondary Consultant

Classroom Educator Advisory Board Members (CEAC)

The Classroom Educators Advisory Council (CEAC) serves to promote the objectives of the Business Professionals of America programs, establish and monitor effective Workplace Skills Assessment Program competitive events, serve as a clearinghouse for suggested improvements and changes pertaining to competitive events.

Region Contact E-mail
1 Peter Clark
2 Mike Davis
3 Amy Sugden
4 Nate Green
5 Angela Wright
6 Andrea Davis
7 Dan Foss
8 Jennifer Rue
9 Beth Pagan
10 Tari Nockengost
11 Kristofer Doran
13 Becky Landen
14 Todd Seymour
15 Amanda Blackburn
16 Paige Cromwell
17 Jenifer Conrad
18 Mary Ellen Swinger
19 John Stalcup john.stalcup@madriverschools.o